Monday, May 11, 2009

Collins urges Unity grads to fight climate change

from the Bangor Daily News:
U.S. Sen. Susan Collins preached to an enthusiastic choir Saturday afternoon when she urged the 90 members of the Unity College graduating class to keep on working for the environment.

“Unity grads already know that the key to making a difference is to get involved,” Collins said. “The impact of your actions will make a difference today and for seven generations to come.”

Collins was the keynote speaker at the graduation ceremony, which school officials said was their environmentally greenest ever — and among the greenest in the country.

In her speech, the senator said that for these students, “sitting on the sidelines cannot be an option.” A group of students planned to present her with a letter advocating action for climate change legislation.

“You must be advocates and activists for the causes you believe in,” she said. “Climate change is the most significant environmental challenge facing our planet.”


Senator Collins with Mitchell Thomashow, President, Unity College

Senator Collins with Tim Glidden, Chair of the Board of Trustees for Unity College

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