Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Collins Heads to Europe for Talks With Russians

from MPBN:
Maine Sen. Susan Collins is headed to Europe for meetings in Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic. Collins is making the trip with other members of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Collins says she was invited by Committee Chair Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan to be on the trip, which will include several meetings with high ranking officials in all three countries. She says the meetings with Russian leaders are very important. "I agree with President Obama that we need to 'reset' -- as he puts it -- our relationship with the Russians and that we need to try to have a better, more productive relationship wtih the Russians," Collins told Capitol News Service. "Of course that requires the Russians to want to have a better relationship." On the agenda for the meetings is a European missile defense system to protect it from so-called rogue states like Iran. Collins says one of her goals is to convince the Russians to cooperate with such a move.

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