Monday, March 23, 2009

Senator Collins announces nearly $15 million in VA funding in Maine

Funding for Togus VA Hospital, Augusta, Caribou, and South Paris VA Homes

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Susan Collins, a member of the Senate Armed Services and Appropriations Committees, announced that the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will be awarding $14,809,493 in funding to Maine’s VA hospitals and homes. The VA Hospital at Togus as well as the VA Homes in Augusta, Caribou, and South Paris will each be receiving a portion of the funding. The funding will be used for infrastructure upgrades and construction.

The funding is being distributed to Maine through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). Senator Collins worked with a bipartisan group of senators to craft the legislation that became law last month. “The quality of VA care is critical to Maine’s veterans. We will always be indebted to them. This funding will help ensure that they receive the very best health care available at Maine’s VA clinics and hospitals,” said Senator Collins.


  1. As a disabled veteran and fellow republican who has been listening to Senator Collins, I must respectfully say $15 million is not even close to enough. After decades of underfunding the DVA desperately needs a one time funding bailout of at least $17 billion dollars. This below is documented from Portland, but it is the same at every VA nationwide:

    “Seclusion and restraint are consider last measures in most if not all inpatient facilities, so this data acts as a “canary in the coalmine” to express the stress of under-management or under-staffing a facility is experiencing.


    Seclusion is when a patient of the medical facility is locked in a room alone. We assume “patient days” equal 24 hours.

    The Portland Veterans Administration Medical Center (AKA “The Flight Deck”) shows the highest figures for seclusion occurrences divided by patient days. The VA’s numbers are FAR higher than other similar facilities, and the VA has failed to submit data for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters on restraint and seclusion to the state, as we understand it, which is proscribed by law.

    VA 1st quarter - 67 seclusions over 1620 patient days for 41.4 seclusions per 1000 patient days.”

    P S – Because Senator Collins actually does her job, and as a few of our politicians’ already know:

    For decades now the VA clinical mismanagement has dictated overmedication of veterans. It is much cheaper to drug up veterans with mind altering psychiatric medications than to hire the number of mental health professionals needed. At the same time for physically disabled veterans prescribing morphine is much cheaper than proper medical treatments. Being physically disabled creates a mental handicap itself, now combine mind altering psychiatric meds and mind altering morphine. If the veteran does not have an accidental drug overdose death, the side effects from the VA drug cocktail too often results in the “need” to be locked away. This is dictated practice by VA management for decades now.

  2. Hello Everybody , And MS. Smith is not the only veteran out there that this has happen to . (GUYS) wake-up ! I'm across the country from Ms.Smith and i'm A veteran that this was done to also ! There's many more of us , out there ! We love our country and will die for it ! {still} Then why do this to us ??


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